Isabel García MEP opens in the European Parliament the exhibition of the Aragonese José Manuel Cardiel.

The Socialist MEP Isabel García Muñoz has inaugurated this Tuesday in the European Parliament the exhibition 'Europe embraces the Ukrainian people", by the Aragonese expressionist author José Manuel Cardiel.
The exhibition consists of 27 canvases representing the flags of all Member States, as well as two canvases with the flags of the European Union and Ukraine.
The MEP has brokered for the European Parliament to temporarily cede a space for these works in its main building. "We want to kick off a new political course by reminding that the war in Ukraine is not over," said Garcia.
The aim of the exhibition is to prevent all the human lives lost due to the Russian invasion from falling into oblivion and to insist that the conflict is still active. "This work reminds us that our challenge as a society is that solidarity is not only a temporary or spontaneous response, but a value that defines us as European citizens," explained the Aragonese MEP.
The inauguration was attended by José Manuel Cardiel, the author of the works, accompanied by a large group of MEPs and visitors.
As the painter has indicated, "this work is born from the need to insist that we are a community and we must face the problems that affect Europe in a united way".
Cardiel works in an abstract expressionist style, characterized by a great mastery of color and light. Although he is a doctor by profession, painting has been his hobby for more than thirty years and his work is made up of more than 350 paintings.
The exhibition can be seen from September 6 to 9 in the distribution area of the Spinelli building of the European Parliament, located on the left side of the VoxBox.

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